3DMAXpider vs Weathertech

It’s fair to say, that car floor mats and liners by Weathertech are extremely popular in the USA. They fit right, perform for years, yet they are quite expensive, compared to the competitors. Many people ask, what’s the difference between 3D MAXpider vs WeatherTech. We have compared floor mats and liners by 3D MAXpider USA and WeatherTech and compiled a quick comparison table below to show you what’s common and what’s different.

Features 3D MAXpider Weathertech
Material Thermoplastic, Rubber Thermopolyolefin
Color Selection gray, black, tan gray, black, tan
Raised Edges
Average Price (1st row) $64.69 $99.95
Fitment Custom fit Custom fit
Shape Molded Molded

People on many forums and blogs started calling 3D Maxpider Kagu floor mats a new alternative to the popular WeatherTech digital fit floor mats. Even though this is partially so, 3D Maxpider mats are very different in shape, material and design to be the absolute WeatherTech alternative. Ensuring excellent floor area protection and keeping dirt, slush and debris inside due to the raised edges that perfectly align with the floor area outline, 3D Maxpider Kagu floor mats ensure excellent coverage and fit right. 


3D MAXpider’s carbon fiber pattern looks classy and not that heavy-duty or commercial, which makes them look right in the sports cars, luxury vehicles or classy sedans.  If you prefer that rugged look and like those molded lines, WeatherTech may be the right solution for you, however if you wish to have classy interior, 3D Maxpider mats will do that. The choice is always yours, and it’s up to you to decide, whether you need a new WeatherTech alternative for more reserved interior look.  Take a look below to compare the two looks.

3D MAXpider Weathertech

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